My younger sibling is a special needs student and due to remote learning, he was struggling a lot in school. He was not receiving as much assistance as he did in the classroom. Most importantly, he was having difficulty taking notes and difficulty in reading things so I thought of creating something that could help him and other kids who were having similar problems.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

I am proud of creating the whole website in such a time scrunch. In my opinion the design came out very well. Additionally, I really liked the notes dashboard. I'll definitely use it myself.

Challenges I ran in to:

I didn't have much experience in coding in javascript. II was a beginner in javascript but by the end of this hackathon, I was able to learn how to do various things with js. Also, I did not know how to save the notes for the note-taking web app so I had to read up a little on Web APIs and local storage which I then implemented into my project with the spech-to-text/text-to-speech.

How I built it

I made the website using JS, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. I connected my login page to a database using PHP. I made the Notes App using JS. I made the Note-taker using JS, Local storage, and Web API

What's next:

I the future, I think of adding in educational games which children can play and also think of implementing a point system to motivate the students to learn and read more.

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