We were inspired to motivate people to participate in social movements through simplistic means—walking. We have the opportunity to participate in protests, walks, and movements through our innate physical capabilities and should exercise our right to do so. By using Step by Step, you can participate in social action while also earning real money to donate to your cause of choice. The Step by Step device will be made out of recycled plastic and will sustain your active lifestyle because you will be connected to your community and will help you to stay motivated.

What it does

Step by Step uses a device that loops through your shoelaces, bracelet or other cord material to track your movement and location to show your community what you’re marching for. When you participate in a movement or protest you will get 5x the regular reward towards your goal, and when you walk at home for leisure you will receive more money the more you walk and use the app. You will be able to see who is marching in your community through the community forum on your connected app and for what cause. We hope to build a strong community of Step by Step to motivate people to not only be active, but to participate in social movements in order to give back to your cause of choice. What do you march for?

How we built it

There are multiple components to our product that required very different skill sets. We designed the initial sketch on paper and then input the design to TinkerCad in order to 3D Print the device. Inside of the device is the gps, wifi chip, accelerometer, processor, battery, micro usb port, and on/off switch. We had 3 initial prototypes made to get to our final prototype. We also made a hang tag to add on to your shoe to build brand and name recognition. The shoe tag was made from sewing 2 different fabrics together and embellished with a vinyl heat pressed design made on illustrator. Our app was designed primaraly using the program Unity with adobe illustrator and photoshop for graphics.

Challenges we ran into

In the initial idea we had, there were issues within the technology of the GPS. We had to make sure that the device would be able to transport data efficiently. We also had difficulty designing the device holder through the 3D printer, we attempted multiple times.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our adoption of certain programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to complete the work necessary for the app. Also, Kyle went out to buy a missing piece of technology we needed which was unexpected.

What we learned

We all learned how to work with students of different education backgrounds and skills. We worked together to utilize everyone’s strengths and skills to build our project in the most efficient way.

What's next for Step by Step

Step by Step will look to simplify the design of the shoe tag by scaling down the product using better technology. The smaller hardware will allow Step by Step to create a more aesthetically pleasing tag by allowing a wide arrange of designs. We will also look to develop our app to allow more connectivity between users, creating more awareness, resulting in more support for our social awareness causes. Another goal is to make our product out of recycled plastic.

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