Me and a friend of mine were looking at an mat that acted as an alarm clock. It would only turn off if the user stood on the mat. From there I came up with the idea with applying the same concept but with shoes

What it does

The step shoe will allow the use to track their steps as well as monitor their balance.

How I built it

Using the adafruit flora and a bluetooth module

Challenges I ran into

1.Before MHacks, the power supply I was going to use didn't arrive on time 2.No one on our team had much experience working with Bluetooth Le devices in android and we spent quite a bit of time figuring out

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The shoe works, it keeps track of the steps it takes and gets measurement of the users balance

What I learned

I learned a lot about e-textiles while working on this project and it has sparked a new interest that I can hopefully use to create more projects

What's next for Step

  1. Make the other shoe 2.make a prettier android app 3.Incorporate data into a google cardboard game

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