Inspiration - our first idea was a reference app and then several iterations later came upon this idea

it - An application for educating students about STEM concepts.

How I built it - blood, sweat, and many broken finger joints.

Challenges I ran into - trying to use teammate's Mac laptops to do work, the pain of managing a private repo with multiple people, spending three hours trying to fix the interface because android fragments doesn't work with onClick functions in XML so we had to scrap tab views for just all activity windows. -

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - I'm still alive, I guess? Although it seems the deadline has passed already and I'm ultimately tilted to death.

I learned the pain of learning XML in a day and how bad three all nighters are for you. I also learned how to build a mildly extensive application for mobile development

What's next for STEMulations - Further refinement, will get tabview and scrollview working one day! And we want to add a ton of new simulations we thought of in the program and make it easier to do so. Also, I should probably learn from the start how to use XML...

My team - Suchir Angala, Joel, Henriquez, Sai Purush

And I do not have permissions to submit our private Github repo T.T T.T T.T but I can submit a public repo later

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