We were inspired by family and friends to build a study companion platform on iOS, Android and Amazon Alexa device that provides women with the tools to achieve STEM careers. Also by our own accomplishments and work taken to reach the career we want.

What it does

Alexa skill that brings tutoring, studying and STEM resources to women in their own home. Mobile app brings tutoring as a mobile and accessible resource Provides STEM career information and paths Builds STEM interest for woman at any age, starting at early education level and even up to college.

How I built it

STEMtastic is built for Alexa smart devices using Node.JS and AWS Lambda for the back-end, iOS using Swift and on Android with Android SDK.

Challenges I ran into

Implementing a database for user study performance and data

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finished Voice app for Alexa

What I learned

Voice User Interface design

What's next for STEMtastic

More features in Mobile app and Alexa

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