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All of us have struggled, to some degree, with first-and-second year STEM courses in university. We were frustrated by the lack of tools and support out there to help university students visualize and understand complex topics such as search algorithms, multivariable calculus, and physics. So we thought it'd be cool to see how we could hack that problem using Microsoft HoloLens.

What it does

The user can use Microsoft HoloLens gesture controls to select his/her desired tutorials and then could see a visualization of difficult concepts. We are currently starting out with the visualization of DFS algorithm.

How we built it

We built it in Unity & Visual Studio.

Challenges I ran into

Three people on our team have no prior experience working with HoloLens or Unity. The other teammate also only has limited knowledge in Unity. We essentially all started from point zero and tried to learn how to make a working HoloLens App demo within a weekend.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are quite proud of our learning curve & progress. We did our best to learn and code as much as we can.

What we learned

Unity & HoloLens basics.

What's next for StemLabs

Interactivity and an overall immersive experience are the two main pillars the idea took off with, and we are definitely planning to work on this app in the future to improve these two aspects. We also want to enable OCR so that the user could view 3D graphs by simply highlighting an area that he/she does not understand. More things to come include voice commands and NLP algorithms to make the app smarter. We are all really excited to explore the possibilities of how AR could change the way we learn, and we are planning to continue diving deeper into AR dev after this hackathon.

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