As our respective societies around the world have grown to be more technologically advanced, the demand for careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) has also increased. Despite the baby steps towards inclusivity of women in these industries on a global scale, there still persists a concerning gender gap in STEM careers. According to, the average percentage of women employed in scientific research and development positions across regions around the world only accounts to less than a third at 29.3% out of the total positions. Many other STEM job opportunities face a similar deficiency in female representation. And unfortunately, these percentages continue to decrease when looking higher up the leadership ladder. With that in mind, it can often feel daunting trying to build a career around an environment where women are not always adequately represented. In light of this issue, we were inspired to build STEMxNISM as a safe space for women at any stage of building their STEM careers, whether that be in academia or at any point navigating job positions in their respective industries. This digital media collective hopes to inspire women to continue building their STEM careers with a sense of confidence and a sense of belonging by curating STEM related stories and resources by women for women. We firmly believe that Women are the future of STEM. However, in order to reach that point, we must pay attention to and uplift the voices of women who are pursuing STEM careers in the present, and STEMxNISM digital media collective is a reflection of that sentiment.

What it does

STEMxNISM is a digital media collective website meant to curate stories and helpful resources by women in STEM for women in STEM at ANY stage of their careers, whether that be in academia or in the midst of navigating their respective industries. In doing so, this website aims to provide a safe space for women, allowing them to feel a sense of belonging within the STEM community and a stronger sense of confidence when pushing forward with their career goals.

This website has two main features: It has a submission form under the Contribute page that allows women to submit articles about the following topics: careers, education, research, and breaking the glass ceiling.Thus, this provides women an outlet to amplify their voices in regards to pursuing their goals. It functions as a hub for all the submitted articles to be seen. Under the Articles page, visitors of the website can view all the valid submissions, allowing those that are reading to take inspiration from the writers, to potentially learn from resources provided, and to celebrate the accomplishment of those who have shared their milestones.

How we built it

The UI/UX design of STEMxNISM was created utilizing the software Figma. We then hashed out the front-end and back-end development within the online IDE, Replit. For front-end development, we utilized the languages HTML, CSS, and Bootstraps. The back-end development was put together utilizing Python and the Flask framework.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a lot of trouble trying to integrate between the frontend and the backend. Also, we had troubles trying to convert the figma prototype into CSS properties for our website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to finish the figma prototype, integrate the backend and the frontend using Flask, and successfully set up the website. In addition to that, we were able to build one of the biggest feature of the website, which is to be able to directly submit your article.

What's next for STEMxNISM

First, we would like to implement two other features. Next, it allows users to subscribe their email addresses to the STEMxNISM Mailing List database which allows them to later be notified by email of when the quarterly issue of the STEMxNISM online magazine, a curation of the most compelling articles posted within an allotted period of time coupled with outstanding visuals, is available to be seen on the Issues page. Last, STEMxNISM provides contact information and a brief summary of all authors whose articles are published on the website under the Connect page. This allows viewers to view other significant works by the authors and form connections with them.

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