We pride ourselves in significant technological progress made in the 20th-21st centuries which dramatically changed the way we live and do things.

But little has changed in the way we have to prove our identity since King Henry V of England in the 15th century invented what some consider the first passport in the modern sense.

Proving we are who we are has become integral to the fabric of modern society. Younger generation is arguably more impacted and sensitive to it as yet to develop the immunity to this paradigm of adulthood. Buying goods on credit has become a norm for a lot of people from all age groups and walks of life for which we also need to go through ID verification. In fact we are required to verify our identity multiple times for various reasons almost routinely.

The process of ID verification is repetitive, disjointed, time consuming and impersonal.

Powered by technology, the data that contributes to our uniqueness instead can serve to enhance our consumer experience without having to go through repetitive verification. With this in mind, StemID was born. Our personality can safely bloom supported by StemID.

What it does

StemID is a bilateral app that brings together providers and Bloom ID holders and streamlines:

Age verification - no more painful memories of having to show ID when going out, buying drinks for a party or placing bets on a favourite sports team. Kids age can also be verified for any activities with age limit.

Mobile phone service contract – improved application experience and no impact on credit rating

Hotels check in, flight tickets and online check in – confirm your passport details with BloomID for enhanced user experience and fast service

Store Card Application – make the long forms completion and credit verification the thing of the past

Consumer Credit Application – get your favourite household goods such as furniture, electricals or many other goods for which credit is available, without hustle and lengthy application process

Voting at Elections – no need to carry ID, easy verification process at a polling station and real time tracking of the turnout (for the countries where ID is required to vote)

How we built it

We built a universal app that can be deployed to all major platforms including web, ios and android. Integrated with Bloom Protocol and Firebase for provider authentication and entitlement.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the QR code generated to send the required data back to StemID App. Bloom npm module kept failing with "Appears to be a git repo or submodule". Had to remove .git folder from the share-kit module. Post back from bloom did not include a token, which made it harder to correlate the request and response.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Understanding the Bloom product and creating a use case that can expand the user base and promote mass adoption of Bloom ID driven by expansion of the providers pool utilizing Bloom ID services.

Creating a scalable solution that solves the problem of repetitive, disjointed, time consuming and impersonal ID verification process in the sectors covered by the use case.

We built an app with the user experience in mind which is simple to use and yet functional in delivering the desired outcomes.

Despite the above described challenges and time constraints, we are proud to have completed this app, which can be deployed to production thereby supporting and propagating the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

What we learned

Further learned about the problems in centralized credit check applications and the amount of risk it poses. And how archaic existing systems are and their weakness in performing a critical function of the global financial system.

What's next for StemID

Working with Bloom to fine-tune integration

Beta testing with potential customers

Defining the market and pricing strategy

Launching to the market

Extending to support additional usecases described above.

Files Attached Below

Presentation covering summary of the project and our vision for the future.

Github repository to 2 projects.

  1. Source code to universal app
  2. Backend API for Bloom to callback on completing the attestation

Link to download android app binary.

If someone requires access to iOS app, send us your apple id and we will add you as internal tester and send an invite link from TestFlight.

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