The United States has an increasing demand for STEM majors. Unfortunately, many Americans do not have the opportunity to be introduced to STEM in high school or college. Women, African-Americans, and latinos are extremely underrepresented in those majors.

What it does

STEME goal is to introduce and prepare users for STEM careers based on their interests. The app supplies the user with trending articles, as the user reads and like the articles, STEME analyzes his or her interests and recommends a STEM major. In addition, the app provides courses for the student to learn and prepare for the field.

How we built it

STEME was build using Ionic Framework. It uses Google App Engine to host the app and Microsoft APIs to provide user articles.

Challenges we ran into

We faced many challenges to send information from the front end, which was stored locally, and the backend, which was stored at Google APP engine.

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