The urge to help people who don't have the resources in STEM in their schools or institutions to join the hands-on effort in improving the 21st century is what really inspired Team Hackendipity to create STEMCube. The passion and ambition the team had to learn about various programming languages such as PHP and Javascript and incorporate databases from MySQL was phenomenal and instrumental towards constructing a social network. However, like in many ambitious activities, obstacles in understanding how PHP and HTML work together on a browser occurred and hindered the team from pursuing the back-end and actual representation of what STEMCube is all about. However, with the limited knowledge and understanding of MySQL and PHP with strong knowledge of HTML and CSS, we ended up creating a front-end interface with a very beautiful-looking logo which symbolizes what the team would patent as the "bond" button or the "bond" that connects the entire STEM community of the world together. The team had ambitions of linking the social network through its project description page with a campaign on Kickstarter for potential crowd-funding and also embedding Google Maps for one user in a STEM community to view the location of another local STEM community for a potential collaboration.

STEMCube may be in the rudimentary stage right now in terms of development, but over the weeks, it will be properly developed with a better understanding of programming languages like PHP and then more creative aspects will be added using JQuery libraries and several APIs. It will definitely make a huge mark for everyone in the world interested in pursuing the STEM fields whether a student in junior high school or a retired science professor looking for a new hobby in rocket building. May the cube keep us all bonded as one and make the world progress at an exponential rate in STEM education and innovation.

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