The number of women in STEM jobs is very less even though there's a decent number of women in various STEM courses. To address this problem, we looked for reasons as to why women don't look forward to STEM courses. We found out that one of the main reasons is that they don't know what exact STEM course to choose from. Another reason is that they think STEM courses do not have high paid jobs. Women also look for a mentor when they decide their career and often ignore STEM courses because they don't see many successful women in these fields. So we built a website which takes women of different age groups to different quizzes. Based on their answers, we analyze what kind of field best suits them. While doing this project, we faced many challenges but one of the main challenges was to get data about different answers to the questions. We then decided to make a hard-coded Analysis page which comes right after the quiz.

We are proud of being able to work together in a team and build a completely new website from scratch. We realized that the best way to a successful project is the desire to face challenges and learn new things. We hope you like our website and STEM your way to power!

What's next for Stem your way to power: There are few areas in STEM where women are in majorities like medicine and technology. The main reason for them to not go into stem is when they don’t get flexible working hours. We have integrated inspirational videos i.e Ted talks by leading women in Stem. We designed a game to find out their interest area. We showed the Job market for STEM.

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