We are a FabLab team from Croatia that conducts numerous workshops in the STEAM area, targeted at preschool children and their teachers, primary school students and teachers, secondary schools and faculty students. Our work includes conducting and participating in events and festivals, conducting lectures, workshops and stand up shows. We carry out activities in schools and in open places frequented by numerous visitors. It is our desire to contribute to the increase of knowledge in the STEAM area, as we did before the pandemic, so through this Hackathon we want to create ideas how we can transfer our activities online and make them interesting, interactive and useful. We want to create an education for primary school students that will integrate learning from multiple subjects, learning new skills and learning in a fun way. The created content can serve as a teaching aid as well as an educational content for curious students.

What it does

Steam Show Online is a cycle of interactive STEAM stand up shows for primary school students. The content is adapted for upper and lower grade students. Learning content covers subjects such as mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics, but also social subjects such as languages or history. We want students to learn the material in a fun way, using jokes, using examples, but also learning skills by doing experiments at home. Before every STEAM show, students will have a list of needed materials for experiments during the show. Steam show will take place through the Zoom application, so that all interested students can attend, show can by interactive – students can answer the questions asked during the stand up show. Also, we want ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to ask if they do not understand a particular content. So far, we've done stand-up shows like this in schools and created 3 different shows, which we would like to show online. Also, we want to create a new stand up shows and ask more experts from STEAM field to join us in creating new ones.

How I built it

In recent weeks, we have been actively thinking on how to translate our face-to-face activities into digital versions. As these were not just video clips that show our activities, we wanted to keep their interactivity, but also through them, enable the acquisition of skills. And with all of this, have fun with students, so they can easier remember the content. So, for our STEAM stand up shows we will use Zoom App or similar apps, but also Facebook, Instagram and web site for information when will be show, how to participate, share link, etc.

Challenges I ran into

  • how to motivate children to watch educational content and how to motivate them to choose this one (among the many content on offer today)
  • how to make a content (interactive, repeatable, accessable) that will help teachers during this pandemic

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It was very challenging to successfully coordinate a number of commitments in past three days (work, hobbies, housework, childcare and etc.) with the continued thought of ideas and possible solutions that we want to contribute to the fight against the pandemic with this Hackathon. But it was also very interesting! And, we have a new idea.

What I learned

We learned more about online apps that can help us to do this project.

What's next for STEM Show Online

Will be trying to reach primary students and teachers by updating about this project on web sites and social media, allow this project not only on Croatian but also on English, find experts to collaborate with them on creating new stand up shows.

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