We thought of how Buzzfeed quizzes are really popular and we wanted to apply that to J.P Morgan's challenge

What it does

It computes the answers of the quiz and gives the user a suggested career field along with resources to jumpstart that career or to fuel that interest

How we built it

We all constructed and managed a page and then brought it all together by linking and referencing the pages to each other

Challenges we ran into

Thinking about what would get young girls interested into stem fields and that required to think of what make them even click on a website such as that

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The pages function the way we wanted to after tedious amounts of time

What we learned

We learned a deeper understanding of html, css and javascript and what I can do for them to interact to what we want

What's next for Stem-quest

First we want to expand the categories of the personality since currently it's focused on the engineering fields

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