In thinking about what we could do for MakeUC, I was playing around with Three.js's publicly available editor until I realized I could make decent looking planets, and an idea came up to create a tool to create these planets based on specific variables and be able to share them publicly with everyone.

What it does

Stellar Skies is a pseudo-social network about creating planets and sharing them with your friends. Log in on the website at and create an account to get started!

How we built it

We built our application upon Python, serving HTML with Flask. We used Three.js to render the planets and stored everything in a SQLite database.

Challenges we ran into

Python backend was not working the way we expected it to most of the time, required a lot of tinkering. Three.js was very finnicky in getting things to render properly and required a couple of recodes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proud of being able to render planets with heightmap and give so much variety between planets with somewhat few options

What we learned

We learned how to use Three.js to render 3d environments and template websites using Flask built upon a Python backend.

What's next for Stellar Skies

Continue adding more features, options, and optimizations

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