NFTs can be used to authenticate users without requiring registration and dedicated passwords. I'm hoping that we could authenticate anywhere with a simple and of our choice method, I think that NFTs can help to achieve this.

What it does

This project allows you to quickly setup authentication based on assets of the Stellar blockchain. Currently, it is possible to authenticate on the presence of a minimum amount of one or several assets.

What we learned

A lot. Especially new javascript skills (modules) and node js as a backend.

How we built it

With VSCode, dedicated server, runkit and coffee.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The demo works!

What's next for Stellar authentication framework

What could be done is to authorize time limited sessions thanks to claimable balances, when you open a session, the NFT is put in a claimable balance for the user himself but locked for the time of the session. This kind of system could be used for real-life event like to control access to a convention.

This kind of authentication can be integrated with Passport.js, this can be done easily with the custom strategy.

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