The pitch for why Lego wants to avoid leaks

What it does

It encrypts pictures with a signature, so that a picture can be decoded, to determine where the picture came from. The encryption is basically useable by the human eye. The encryption is robust in the sense, that it is still possible to identify the picture, even though the leaked photo is a downgraded version of the original, for example a mobile picture of something on a employees desk. A web crawler that looks for leaked Lego start wars pictures, and then sends them to the system, to determine whether it is a leak and who potentially might have leaked it.

How I built

It has been built with Python.

Challenges I ran into

Ensuring robustness while having the encrypted file still look like the original, at least to the human eye.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having a made a pretty good attempt at a robust blind steganography algorithm.

What I learned

A lot about steganography and how to make a web crawler.

What's next for Steganography Lego

Improving upon the algorithm and the web crawler, and creating a database.

Built With

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