We value security. Information hiding has existed for hundreds of years, and the art of digital steganography has enabled cryptographers to get Really Creative™. Everything is just encoded and interpretted bits.

In a time where social media is actively censoring and tracking users and their content, and where in some parts of the world freedom of expression is actively suppressed (e.g. Chechnya, Ru), alternative communication platforms are required.

What it does

Stegamsg™ allows users to communicate anonymously without making it known that they are communicating. This is done through the use of steganography (or the practise of concealing messages within other messages).

Stegamsg discreetly manipulates the least significant bit of innocous images (MEMES) to encode textual messages within PNG bitstreams. Using this technique, the data is safely encoded and encrypted, with a key being necessary to decrypt it.


Stegamsg presents a familiar messaging interface. To passersby, a Stegamsg user may simply appear to be trading memes with friends. Join or create a group by a unique ID, and start messaging.


Images with embedded messages are stored only as long as is required to send it to a specified "channel" or group

Possible users

  • Meme lovers
  • Tinfoil hats (privacy enthusiasts)
  • Whistle-blowers
  • At risk minorities, who need a safe space to trade messages

How we built it

  • Like every project we work on, it was built with love, care, and nodejs.
  • Like any web project we work on, it was built with hatred, frustration, and nodejs.
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