Too often, we wake up to an inbox flooded with promotional emails. You can go through each of them to make sure you see everything, or you can skip over them to save time and wind up missing out on something you really want. Nobody likes the feeling of finding out their favorite band is performing nearby once tickets have sold out or hearing about a great sale at a store they love after it’s ended; but keeping up with so many emails can get very time-consuming. With Steez, you don’t have to settle for either alternative.

Steez checks your incoming promotional emails for you and finds the announcements, events, and deals that match your personal taste, so you can break free from your inundated inbox with the comfort of knowing you won’t miss a thing.

How it works

We get to know your steez by connecting to Foursquare and Spotify’s API’s to import your favorite places to go and your favorite music to listen to. We also track your online purchase activity using Context.IO’s email API to better understand where you like to shop and dine through order confirmation emails from stores and services like OpenTable.

Equipped with all of this knowledge about your preferences, we’re able to provide you with a personalized experience that’s far simpler and faster than any encounter you’ve had with your email inbox. Just sign up with your email address to connect to Context.IO’s API and we’ll start searching your incoming emails for announcements, events and deals that feature your steez and notify you of them when you log in. You can easily adjust your preferences on your profile and we’ll pick up on any changes you make within Foursquare or Spotify so we can continue to cater to your steez.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge I faced was developing this app on my own in a language I had never used before. It was also very challenging to extract the relevant details from deals and events referenced in emails, given the wide array of HTML structures out there.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I’m proud that I finished building the app despite the challenges and was able to learn a new programming language (Javascript) along with many new technologies (Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Jade) in doing so. I feel that this is more than I ever could have learned in a classroom so I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate.

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