What is Steemia?

Steemia is a social network app running over the Steem Blockchain. This app will provide the users an enriched user experience plus features commonly encountered in a casually used social media. The goal of this project is to give the community a mobile app where they can do their daily activity in the blockchain.

Users in Steemia are rewarded for their content and are payout in Steem and Steem backed dollars.

How is this built?


The frontend of this application is built with Ionic 3 Angular 5. This frontend is capable of running in both Android and iOS sharing the same codebase and respecting platform specific styles. For actions over the Steem Blockchain, this applications is relying in the SteemConnect V2 client side library.


The backend of this application is written in Node.js. In addition, for storage this backend is using IPFS which is a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol.

Challenges we ran into

One of the challenge building this application was to optimize Angular for a better performance. This was done by having manual control of changes detection in the UI.


Jayser Mendez - Computer Scientist | Hüseyin Terkir - Computer Software Engineer

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