No one works 24/7, but issues can occur at your company when you least expect it. At ArcelorMittal Dofasco, navigating the database of incidence reports can be both difficult and inconvenient. We aim to create a web app that is focused on formatting information so that is both conveniently located and easy to read.

What it does

Dofasco-Now is a web application that displays Critical Incidents in the workplace in real time, using easy to read tables and graphical data analytics to help employers prioritize immediate response efficiently, and provides the means to develop long term solutions.

How We Built it

We used Python to make calls to Dofasco's Service-Now API and as well as the language for the database sorting backend. HTML, CSS, Javascript, the Django web framework, and Bootstrap is used to create the website's front end for flexible display across all platforms, Dofasco-Now ensures easy modular change and scalability into other companies.

Challenges that we faced

  • Learning the creation of a web app from scratch using the DJango framework
  • Having to learn how to do web development
  • How to call API's with

Things we have learned

  • Web development can be frustrating but rewarding
  • Usage of DJango to create website from Python
  • Building and styling a website using Javascript, HTML and CSS
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