• During our search to find games to buy on steam, being students entail not having that much money. Being the savvy people that were are, we just experimented buying universal game keys on steam through another country. For example, GTA V in the US is about $60. But however in Russia, when you convert it into Russian Rubles it would only cost us only about $30.

What it does

  • First it creates a local web server using Node.js
  • It scrapes the raw HTML data form the steam website whether it be in the US or any other country.
  • Then it retrieves the name of the game and it's price and outputs it to the command prompt.

How we built it

-We built it using Node.js a server side Java Script library.

Challenges we ran into

  • We were originally planning to use client-side code, but that is a violation of security and web developers try to make it as hard as possible to do it that way -Also, using Node to scrape pages posed a bit of a challenge. In the end, we were able to learn enough to overcome our difficulties
    • Also, Steam's API is very clumsy ## Accomplishments that we are proud of
  • We created our own web server
  • We found out a way to bypass locall sales which are limited to one region only, which messes up the price of the price of the game
    • We overcame NUMEROUS bugs with our scripts and made sure that for each game, which had a unique SteamID, ## What I learned
  • I learned how to use Steam's API and Node.js
  • Especially Node.js, which we did not know how to use before today! ## What's next for SteamHaxx
  • A GUI
  • More websites support

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