Girls outperform boys statistically in science and math related courses until they enter high school. We wanted to create something that keeps them interested in STEAM. We also recognize that there is not a plethora of prominent women in STEAM and want to expose girls to more amazing women in the field to give them role models they can relate to.

The quiz connects the user with a field of STEAM they are compatible with and a female role model in that field.

We used Javascript, HTML, and CSS to create a website which is home to the quiz.

We did not know any Java, HTML or CSS before this so we had to learn everything we needed to know to complete the project this weekend.

We learned a little bit of three new languages and worked really well as a team. We are also really proud of our project and hope we can take it further to actually make an impact by inspiring future female engineers.

We learned Java, HTML, CSS and how to learn on the fly all on our own. We also learned how to code in a team.

An extension for STEAM Sisters could be extending the quiz by adding questions and more role models and getting it out to the public.

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