As a CS student, there's a lot I don't know. Sometimes, I want to learn something but discreetly if I feel intimidated. How can one do this, and do this from anywhere? Learning should be made accessible to all.

What it does

You text a Twilio number and it uses the Viacom data-point core API to get Star Wars data from the Swapi API. You can get the scrolling summary of any Star Wars movie as well as the sentiment of the summary (the one that rolls at the start of each film.) If you haven't seen the film, it's a good summary, and getting the sentiment can help you when you need to describe the film.

How I built it

Node.js,, Viacom, Twilio, JavaScript, Ngrok for local tunnel

Challenges I ran into

Making the right endpoint/URL with Viacom data-point core and I started this Saturday night when the wifi was so bad I couldn't do the hack I'd started Friday that needed to send more data over my ngrok tunnel. Also, the wifi was still bad so it took time to test my text messages.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works, others can use it, it's stealthy.

What I learned

Viacom API, endpoints, swapi

What's next for Stealthy Summary and Sentiment

Add translation, ideally with Google cloud. Add a website so there's a UI (right now it's just backend that powers the texting SMS with Twilio.

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