I came up with this idea of stealing clothes when I saw lens studios' new template "Garment Transfer", and my childhood desire of trying out all the expensive clothes which I couldn't afford came true through AR magic, and now I can steal and try out anyone's clothes and no one can sue me !!

What it does

1)Click the garment image which must feature a person, male or female, wearing the desired garment

2)Move the camera toward the person on which the garment is to be transferred and click start

3)And boom the magic happens in no time, suddenly your garments change to that of other persons

How we built it

It was a fun experience building it, as a developer, I explore different assets/scripts/triggers/etc inside the templates and also great documentation by the lens studio team so combining these I built this lens.

What's next for Stealing Clothes

1)It enabled great functionality and I want it to work in Android devices as smoothly as it works in IOS devices, that's my first priority to find a hack or any other way to fix it.

2)looking forward to integrating it with branded clothes or giving users a clothes trial features inside the physical fashion outlet it could save a lot of resources and provide amazing convenience to both users and store owners, that's how I look at monetization purposes.

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