Steak_Umm's and all of its glory, spreads truth and gospel across the twitterverse. SteakCoins are awarded to twitter users who help spread their blessings.

What it does

Hedera accounts are created and managed by Hedera File Service for each user who engages with @Steak_umm's or @SteakCoin. Each engagement awards a user 1 Token ( 0.0.107762 ). Users can claim their account by going to and logging in with their twitter account.

How we built it

We made twitter bot that listens to a filtered stream from the Twitter API and communicates to Hedera using the Hedera SDK. The user "database" is a file on the Hedera File Service. The website using Twitter Auth to login and the same file on the HFS to do user lookups.

Challenges we ran into

Cost of Hedera File Service and also the cost of Token association. We've created over 1200 accounts and each account costs of Creation, Token Association and saving the account for lookup on Hedera File Service is roughly 0.20/user. We've spent over 2500 Hbar (not including other associated costs).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Steak_umms noticed us. Also, we've created over 1200 accounts.

What we learned

Hedera SDK and Twitter API

What's next for SteakCoin

We're going to list $SteakCoin


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