Our team chose to incorporate both APIs provided by Cisco© and utilize some in the embedded capabilities of each while working in tandem as a singular process stream. The resulting application is a three-tiered client architecture server using Spark, Tropo, Built.io & Zapier. It includes multiple functions modeled after a chat room; including initiating a phone call to engage in talk-to-text, text-to-talk, and providing a documented transcript from the dictation. The working concept we began with was, ‘how would a deaf person and a blind person hold a meaningful conversation, possibly including technical or proprietary jargon?’ Our hopes are this could be expanded to include file distribution, conference calling for more than two active lines, and fully integrated multi-dimensional media communication for any number of participants. To use this project, you must join the HackDFW-Gambit Spark room, and type in /callme yournumber. replace yournumber starting with 1, then your phone number including area code. Example: /callme 11234567894 After the call starts, you may speak, then end the call, and what you say will be transcribed to the chat room.

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