Inspiration - The inspiration is to help students refresh their memories of the course material that was taken in the past and to reinforce current course material.

What it does - The concept is that the school (possibly Advisors) would maintain a database of questions from each course the school offers. Each student would become eligible for the unique questions that relate to courses that have been completed or in-progress.

How we built it - The core of the build is Amazon Web Services, including: Amazon Lambda and Alexa Developer. For another dimension of StaySharp, we addressed the possibility of students not having access to an Alexa. We integrated an Amazon Lex Bot with Slack to enable students to utilize StaySharp from a laptop or smartphone.

Challenges we ran into - The biggest challenge was the learning curve, since we have never developed in an AWS environment.

Accomplishments that we are proud of - The greatest accomplishment was to understand the build process and complete a basic working app.

What we learned - We learned many different skills that w can use in the future using AWS.

What's next for StaySharp - We intend to continue developing help us...StaySharp.

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