The need to book a room instantly increase day to day as people have lesser time to waste on non essential activities, so we thought of a solution to this by removing the need of a mediator between the consumer and the Hotel to carry out the booking.

How it works

We use NFC tags to store information about rooms and hotels, When you go to the reception of a hotel you use the NFC tag at the unmanned desk to get information about available rooms and services. If you intend to book a room then just book the room and complete the payment, upload a valid Id proof/Photo and a room will be booked in your name and a custome generated user id will be matched with the room id.

For payment we used bitcoin as out payment method. This made the transaction fast and reliable. We also integrated payments for niche facilities available inside hotels. Such as cable TV or spa.

When you reach your room , your phone acts as your key and just use it to tap on the NFC (contains room id) on the door and the door will be unlocked.If by chance you are at the wrong room the ids will not be matched and you will be notified that the room is not yours.

For the IoT control of appliances in the room we are using the beaglebone as a slave server to the master central server of the hotel. On the StayPay app you can control the appliances in the room via the MyRoom page which will be generated once you enter your room for the first time.

The phone connects via Bluetooth and send signals to the Bone to control. If the phone id pout of Bluetooth range then an automatic kill switch switches off all heavy appliances to save electricity.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The integration of various technologies, using android, python back end on flask controlling a beaglebone was something we have not worked with before.

What I learned

That every member in the team has an important role to play, be it back end , front end, or just keeping the enthusiasm and morale of the team up. Everyone is vital.

What's next for StayPay

We are considering to make this a possible startup solution, and see where its future lies.

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