stayinside allows you to learn something new every time you open your new tab page! It reccomends to you something new every day on your New Tab page for you to try, and you can click on the button to see more details on Reddit and YouTube, which is where the ideas and inspiration for learning something new is sourced. You can log in, create an account, and add your friends to compete with them and see how is completing their goals every single day, which is displayed by the calendar on the right.

Fight the COVID-19 pandemic by staying inside and doing your part in social distancing!


You know those beautiful motivational quotes New Tab extensions that you can get with a great wallpaper, and tells you a motivational quote of the day? (And even makes some money from you by begging for your Patreon support to remove ads?) Yeah, those. Those are useless. Who cares about motivational quotes? Let's learn something cool and useful instead, which you can with our extension because you'll compete with your friends to stay ahead of the curve and do the things that will give you not only brownie points in front of your friends (because who cares about those), but also in front of your **crush* as well*. Now that's the real deal.


Download the latest release candidate, which at the time of writing is 0.1-beta from the releases tab, and load the zipped package into your web browser of choice.

You will also need to set up a server, which can be found in the /server directory of the repository. It requires Node.js to run and you can run it using npm run dev.

Future Plans

We plan to integrate Google Calendar in the future so you can view your calendar at a glance as well every time you open the tab.


stayinside was created at LA Hacks 2020 and HooHacks 2020 by Gideon Tong, Kendall Nakai, and William Tran.

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