The Coronavirus pandemic is leading to a series of anxieties and fears, which generate stress in those who are forced to quarantine and social distancing. Neil Greenberg, Professor of "defense of mental health" of the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience of King's College London, says that: "Quarantine could create frustration and distress in people, but no long-term difficulties, especially if it is managed well".

What it does

SmartCoach4Resilience is a tool created to help people deal with quarantine stress and plan a routine. We designed it to help people engage in a personal growth routine scheme to better face stressful situations and the new remote working scenario. Step1: Take the test and receive your profile; Step2: Wait to receive personalized suggestions; Step3: Make use of the content in order to strengthen your resilience.

How I built it

Thanks to our Knowledge Base of 5000 contents and 3600 questions for unlimited combinations of tests, we are able to lead people towards the achievement of a new comfort zone with a level of preparation more suitable for dealing with working remotely. According to the results of a personality test (that we developed during this hackathon), we profile people in order to recommend the most suitable self development suggestions and content to each person. It works in a very simple way. The remote workers, who are our target audience, complete the test and wait for 4 emails which contain suggestions such as personalized messages, life hacks and contents like Ted Talks, Books, Movies and Songs. In these emails, one every two days, we will guide people towards finding a new routine and reducing stress.

We are currently planning to add another step at the end of the journey to create a connection with a professional coach, since the human touch still remains the most powerful support. Helping people to develop their soft skills in this difficult period is our best response to fight the collateral effects of quarantine and social distancing.

Challenges I ran into

  • To define the most suitable questionnaire to evaluate a Resilience level;
  • To define valuable personalized self development suggestions;
  • To find the most suitable delivery channels;
  • To create the most usable and engaging questionnaire possible;
  • To create an efficient personalized training path that can be useful also after this emergency period.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As a team we were able to bring a project concept to fruition in a very short period of time. The SmartCoach4Resilience has already started helping 50 people!

What I learned

From the experience we have with students and professionals through our smart coaching products, we have learned that the personalization of suggestions is the most important thing to find effective improvements.

What's next for SmartCoach4Resilience

MVP -> Beta Version -> Product Launch. In the final product we intend to increase the number of delivery channels and contents via API and via ChatBot through systems such as Dialog Flow.

The activities we are working on in this phase 2 of our project are: 1) Integration of SmartCoach4Resilience within our APIs (commercially available) so that our service can be directly integrated into third-party HR Management Software Systems. 2) Content expansion in line with the test results in order to further strengthen people's resilience level (addition of podcasts, apps and other content available online) 3) We are getting in touch with the International Coach Federation (Italy) to understand how such a tool can be possibly integrated into their daily activities and to build our Coach network.

The service remains free in this emergency period in regards to the assessment and the email journey section.

Business Model

In Italy alone there are 6 million freelancers that represent our potential target market and due to the current crisis the number of businesses allowing employees to work remotely has grown exponentially. The SmartCoach4Resilience is a freemium service with the possibility to activate, at the end of the email journey, a connection with a professional coach. We will mediate this relationship with a fee.

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posted an update

Even the last Check Point (#3) is gone!

We completed the following activities:

  • Email Automation Funnel;
  • Email Copy;
  • Recommendation Flow (from questionnaire to respondents' inbox - 40 people so far!);
  • 2 new advisors get on board;
  • Privacy policy defined in Italian and English;
  • We collect all Scientific Sources that employ our questionnaire.

Now we are sailing towards the Demo and Business Model finalization.

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posted an update

What we have seen in Check Point #2:

  • Questionnaire completed and 20 respondents;
  • Emotional Tips, Life Hacks and a first set of Ted Talks, Books, Podcasts, Micro-Courses matched with traits belonging to Resilience skill;
  • We solved a problem occurring with Zapier when you want to import text with the character " , " from a Google Sheet to a Campaign Monitor subscribers list.
  • We completed our matching algorithm to combine traits level for Resilience to Emotional Tips, Life Hacks and different contents.

And now?

We are working on Check Point #3 Topics! In particular: Email Automation Funnel and Email Copy;

Our next goals are:

  • To strengthen the business model;
  • To gain the interest of two advisors in order to better understand how to approach Coaches in a well structured way (it could make sense connect people and Coaches through our #SmartCoach4Resilience).

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posted an update

Check point #1: Done! During these few hours we completed the following points:

  • Idea and Project setting;
  • Solution and Timeline;
  • Team roles;
  • Toolkit and development approach. We discussed internally about our preferred target and we decided to focus on professionals.

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