Inspiration- Something that inspired me on this is that I personally like junk food a lot. But when I started reading this book about what really is inside junk food and processed food items, it made me realize that it can be deadly.

What it does- In this game, you have to move your arrow keys and catch the fruits which will gain you points, and not select the junk food items which will lower your points. I believe this fun game is a way for others to hear my voice and why I am not the biggest fan of junk food.

How we built it- I built this game with scratch.

Challenges we ran into- There were some blocks that I didn't know about and how they work and how to use them and also making the food items fall down from random places.

Accomplishments that we're proud of- I am very proud of myself for finishing this project and one thing I am especially proud of is the way how the food items fall down from random places.

What we learned- How to use variables in scratch.

What's next for #StayHealthy Game- I really wanted to add a sprite to this game but for some reason, it took me forever to figure out with it so I added a bowl instead.

Built With

  • scratch
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