I wanted to have a really quick way of getting a comprehensive idea of how all my social network accounts were doing and how other people might perceive me. Would I seem too sad, or too show-offy sometimes? It's hard to tell sometimes, so I wanted to build this tool to make it easy to see what others might see in me.

What it does

It aggregates photos from social media sources (the main app uses Facebook, but I have tried it with Instagram and Flickr and they have all worked similarly well), and passes all these photos into Microsoft Project Oxford to gauge the emotions of the people in those images. With values on happiness, sadness, and other emotions, I determine the one that has the highest mean, namely the happiness, and display it as a highlight.

How I built it

I used React.js and Bootstrap for the front-end and Express.js for the backend. I used Facebook and Microsoft APIs for the app that is currently on github, though I also demonstrated it to work with Flickr and Instagram feeds as well.

Challenges I ran into

I am still fairly new to React, so it was challenging getting in the hang on the whole framework. However, I found the whole process really enlightening and I feel it made me a better programmer after working with it for a while.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning to work with React and so many APIs in such a condensed amount of time!

What I learned

How to use React, OAuth2, and how easy it is to perform some tasks, such as emotion analysis, with such powerful APIs!

What's next for stayhappy

I hope to incorporate all the APIs in one package instead of just Facebook in the app. I also hope to include further emotions and analytics about photos, and emotional analysis of posts, texts, and other forms of media.

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