With all that goes on in our lives, it's difficult to remember to set up that mealtime with people we haven't seen in forever.

What it does

The app sorts your friend list by frequency of in-person encounters, thus giving you a glimpse of who you have and haven't seen in a while!

How We built it

The web app runs on Node.js with Express 4, Postgre SQL backend and HTML/CSS. Login authentication is through Facebook and the user needs to give permission to access basic Facebook credentials.

Challenges We ran into

We ran into a lot of issues with modularizing Node since we needed to have client/server communication and we ended up doing HTTP post/get requests to facilitate that.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

First time doing a web app!

What We learned

JQuery is awesome

What's next for StayFriendz

We hope to incorporate automated calendar event feeds, since the effort to set up a meeting with someone is largely in deciding a time mutually free for both. It'd be cool to be able to automatically determine an optimal time just by comparing two calendar feeds and automatically adding that event to both people's calendars. Also an email system for sending notifications/invites

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