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Our initial take on our project included the use of Azure's Mobile Services platform and a SQL table for the backend and Swift for the frontend. We spent hours trying to figure out a way to take the code we published off of Visual Studios running into XCode, and eventually we found out that there was a Core Data issue and was able to get the frontend to respond to the backend. However, when we tried to input new data through the frontend to be recorded into the backend, there was no response. After trying to troubleshoot issues for naught and getting nowhere trying to figure out Azure and iOS compatability, we switched gears to Azure's Storage system and tried to implement blobs and tables as our backend. We built a version through Java, but was inefficient. We switched to iOS, but was unable to get it running because the Pods we downloaded for Azure's Storage SDK had dependencies that were not updated. Lastly, we coded Azure Storage through C# and Azure Storage Client Library, but because of our laptop's extremely short battery life, the work got lost when we were moving. We coded the UI through Swift, and then tried to use Parse to store data and create push notifications but we ran out of time (we also were not sure how to overcome the developer requirement for push).

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