After we recently moved into apartments, we realized that there were many new challenges, responsibilities, and exciting opportunities that came with no longer having an unlimited supply of dorm food. We realized that with an apartment full of busy college students, it was really difficult to keep track of what foods we had in the fridge, what items we had to buy, and what recipes we could make. Thus, we built StayFresh to make our lives easier.

What it does

Use StayFresh to save time, money, and the environment! Keep track of your food purchases and their expiration dates. Explore a plethora of delicious recipes based on the ingredients you currently have.

How I built it

StayFresh is built using JavaScript, node.js, express.js, HTML/CSS, and sass.

What's next for StayFresh

There are many possible expansions for StayFresh, such as using the slice API to help users keep track of their grocery spending and to offer suggestions for lower prices or healthier foods. Since our idea was inspired by the goal of making apartment life easier, StayFresh can expand into an apartment management app, and include other features such as one for keeping track of chores and splitting costs.

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