We were inspired by how drastic the air pollution dropped due to everyone staying inside. There’s plenty of stunning before and after photos on the news. We wanted to figure out how we can help maintain good air quality by appealing to visual senses. If people understand that less air pollution makes the outdoors more beautiful, they may be mentally more incentivized to pollute less.

What it does

Stay Clear connects to a device we made that attaches to your vehicle and tracks how long you drive for. The output is logged into your profile. Based on your location and preferences, you'll be given suggestions on what to do to drive less and decrease your output, such as taking public transportation, scooters, and more. You'll also have a user profile with an activity log that your friends can like and leave short comments on. You'll be able to connect it to your social media to share your activities.

Future goals

We would like the app to be as helpful as possible, which means providing a ton of data on best practices for more sustainable brands, alternative transit options, and other lifestyle tips highly personalized to the user. We'd also like to have a blog delving into the details and describing how to integrate this environmentalism into your everyday life, such as how to be productive while taking the train (like reading books). Marketing campaigns would be plastered with before and after photos of the pre and post-quarantine air pollution in major cities.

How I built it

First there was the research and the mockup. The website was built with HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, and bootstrap. It uses API to provide the user with pollution data.

Challenges I ran into

"For me, the biggest issue was trying to build an interface to the raspberry pi from another device. There was a lot of conflict within my code and it took me the better part of 20 hours to fix it"- Sim "For me, the biggest issue was making the dash for the website where the user can see current air pollution levels." -Cynthia

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

"I'd say working with such an amazing team and producing something pretty awesome even though we're super far apart'-Sim "I am proud that we were able to put something together, especially on my end since i'm still a newbie" -Cynthia "I'm glad I had an opportunity to get more into environmentalism and use some creativity" - Christina

What I learned

"I learned to constantly try a new angle to solve a problem, even if I don't know if that would be the solution."-Sim, Cynthia "How complex web dev can be especially when a ton of data is included" - Christina

What's next for

Production of the stay clear device. We aim to integrate new features and reach out to governments, citizens, and other influential figures to help fight air pollution and help keep our outdoors beautiful.

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