It is easy to forget that their there, but we shouldn't. Infectious diseases can spread rapidly when proper precautions are not taken. I wanted to demonstrate in an interactive way that when the precautions are ignored, disease can spread.

What it does

The user has to survive as long as possible surrounded by other people who are infected by a virus. The people who surround him begin to get infected from patient 0 due to their unwillingness to social distance. The player slowly begins to get exposed to the disease and the only way to protect themselves is by collecting all the masks!

How I built it

I built the game using the Unity game engine and C#.

Challenges I ran into

Building the AI that would be used to chase the player proved a huge challenge. I kept thinking of tons of new ideas as the game involved but I had to narrow my scope in order to have a working prototype.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Submitting a project at Hack the North! I am very new to programming and feel like I am very late to the game. I currently hold a BSc in Biotechnology but I was hardly exposed to Software Engineering and Computer Science during my Undergraduate degree. Almost everything I have learned about Software has been self taught as I am just starting a part-time Software Engineering Program. So being able to develop a game with a some degree of complexity in such a short period is something I am very proud of!

What I learned

I learned how to develop AI in Unity using C# and learned that even the smallest details of a game can take an extraordinary amount of time to complete.

What's next for StayAwayFromMe

I would like to continue adding additional features to the game such as sound, better animations, new sprites, updated loading/menu screens, and improving the AI. I would also like to publish the game to a server using Unity's built in WebGL feature!

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