Online platform for virtual travel: we map slow TV videos, VR 360 panoramas, and connect them with audioguide database and nature sounds database for incredible virtual travel experience


For many people who stuck at their homes, it's a challenge not to travel. Many people will be afraid to travel in upcoming months or maybe years. And considering the unpredictable financial situation, many people might not be able to travel as they would want to. Take my father, for example. He lives in the city in the middle of Siberia, and for him going to Paris is as hard as going to Siberia for Parisian. That's why my father watches a lot of travel shows. And I thought, that using the incredible resources of 360 panoramas and audio guides, we could create a platform where my father would be able to travel on his own pace, exploring different locations in VR and listening stories from some of the world's best storytellers.

What it does

Our beta version is connected to databases of Airpano and Airpano is a database of 4000+ 360 degrees panoramas, shot in the most interesting locations of the world, from Eiffel Tower to the South Pole. is a platform of audio guide publishing, their audio database consists of 40000 points of interest worldwide, narrated in 50 languages. What we do is we create an application where user can fly over the panoramas, explore interesting objects and listen stories from audio guides simultaneously. We also consider to connect this solution with VR Slow TV, Google Maps and other visual libraries.

How I built it

Will tell you in 30 hours.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for

Built With

  • airpano
  • php
  • vr
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