Our inspiration came from the fact that this ongoing epidemic is affecting everybody’s lives in various ways. It is a ubiquitous epidemic that everyone needs to be informed of. On a daily basis, we see people walking around in our neighborhoods, in grocery stores, malls, and in the news not following precautions or taking them seriously. Precautions for this virus are present for a reason. We realized that people are so ignorant or don’t care about the consequences of the virus, especially since they don’t have deep knowledge on it.

What it does

Our website, Stay Updated, is an informative platform that is easily accessible to people all over the world. On the website, you can find various resources like information about the COVID-19 disease, some precautions you can take to avoid COVID-19, and some statistics of the pandemic around the world. We also have a trivia game, a fun but informative way to learn some interesting facts on the pandemic.

How I built it

To build our website, we used multiple languages and coding platforms. We used Java and HTML to code some aspects of our webpages. The platforms we used were Java JDK and We also used to make the majority of our website.

Challenges I ran into

Some complications that we faced throughout the project were embedding our java code onto our website and working with computer languages that we had minimal experience with (HTML, Python). Since we were working with a website as our project platform,we decided to use HTML instead of Python, since it was more convenient to embed and use on our website. The trivia game that we coded was made completely in java. We couldn’t embed java into Wix so we embedded the trivia program into our HTML code in the form of a link. This enabled us to include our trivia game on our website instead of it being a separate part.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

During this short duration of time that we were allotted to work, we were able to create a project which is effective in solving or helping the problem that we were inspired by. We were able to solve our problem pretty effectively and holistically.

What I learned

We learned how to use html, multiple IDEs, and Wix to build our website for this project.

What's next for Stay Updated

We would like to build more connections and allow people to share their stories on our website.

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