It is estimated that 35% of women have experienced sexual or physical violence in their lives. An abusive relationship is devastating, and often leaves the victim alone without a support system. We feel in order to help women escape these traumatic relationships, they require resources, and a network of people they can trust. Our goal was to put all of the necessary means to recover in one easy to access location.

What it does

The main purpose of Stay Safe is to provide resources for abuse victims within a ten mile radius of their location. By clicking on the Location tab, a list automatically shows up based on their location.

How We built it

We used html/css to build the website, and connected it to javascript and java in backend. We used the Google Maps API and the Guidestar API Clickatale

Challenges We ran into

Trying to upload the html files to our domain that we chose proved very difficult, also choosing the correct API for our project.

What's next for Stay Safe

We plan to add a volunteer network to Stay Safe, allowing people to sign up to shelter people escaping abusive relationships. Additionally, an automatic 'help' text to be sent to a predetermined number.

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