We were inspired by our families and our need to protect them.

Two of our members are from third world countries and our grandparents have no idea of technology at all. We see that they are very vulnerable, and need us, the more tech savvy ones, to ensure that they're able to have a pleasant time online.

What it does

It uses Machine Learning in general. Deep Learning aspects such as NLTK and FCNN to detect scams, NLP (NLTK Library) in order to do a check on the messages to analyze whether the message received is a scam and allow the user to either block the sender or just ignore the sender.

How I, no we, built it

Using Android Studio, Jupyter Notebook (Python), Anconda, SSH headaches, coffee and lots of Googling.

Challenges I ran into

Making Machine Learning Backend to run without a GPU (thanks DigitalOcean) All of us are relatively new programmers much knowledge, everything was so rush and we're so so intimidated by everyone.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Got Tensorflow/Keras to run on Digital Ocean The guys in iNTUition are cool Last minute got our app to work by figuring out how context works.

What I learned

Patience, resilience, lots of code

What's next for Stay Safe, Ah Ma <3

We're here to win

Built With

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