It's getting dangerous walking around in cities alone nowadays.

What it does

It is a pebble app which sends your location to a RESTful API which I built and communicates back with your phone if that location is safe or not during that hour of the day. If it is unsafe, then it sends a notification on your pebble that it's dangerous ahead. In case the user doesn't have a pebble watch, the app will also send a notification to the phone.

How I built it

The RESTful API was built using the spring framework in java and I used the crime incidents data set (Year-to-Date Part I) from OpenDataPhilly. I categorized the crimes by their codes and what time they occurred during the day. The API has one main endpoint which the android app communicates with by sending the user's location. The API then checks with the categorized crime data and reports back if the surrounding area (1000ft radius) has had a lot of crimes (~100 or more) during that hour of the day throughout the year.

Challenges I ran into

Finding documentation for pebble. Calculating the radius from lat/long to ft. Testing the app within the building only due to the snowstorm.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First time working with pebble and everything ended up working!

What I learned

Pebble/Android linking. Analyzing data at a high level.

What's next for Stay Safe

Populate the database with crime data from around the country, and possibly the world for a much safer and secure world.

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