Team Name: Saucccy Chicken Nuggets Names: Nyela Allen, Olivia Carson, Michael Smith, Tiffany Truong Discord Names: Nybeast18#3073, Michael51702#1641, oliviac #8377, peachatru#7010 emails:,, [ /] ,


We wanted to envision a platform that would be easily accessible (virtually or on an application based program) to simultaneously allow the user to stay informed on current events while also being given the option to get involved and help create change if they had chosen to do so!

What it does

This program emulates an AI Text Messaging app that will prompt the user to choose whether they would like to be informed on past events, current events, to learn more about these incidents, and other links that they could begin getting involved with such as petition/donation links, contacting organizations, supporting local businesses, or reading some book recommendations that illustrates the experiences of various POCs.

How we built it

We used the plug-in Floobits to enable live collaboration between our team members and ultimately finished the project in Eclipse IDE.

Challenges we ran into

At first, we wanted to create our program in Android Studio, however, due to time constraints we had create a supplementary substitution in its place. Another challenge we faced was having issues with creating an advanced GUI for the User to interact with. It was definitely a learning curve as it was everyone's first attempt at creating a tangible application program.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-We were able to create a product albeit the product didn't come to full fruition; however, we hope that this program could unite individuals more so than divide them.

What we learned

-We applied concepts that we had learned from our introductory courses in Java while a member of our team was able to dive deeper in ArrayLists as well! The learning curve towards creating a tangible android app was also steep since our team are still novices in gaining more experience with coding. By the end of our project, we were able to enhance our skills in printing results while also working with while-loops, switch statements, and the random generator in the Java API.

What's next for Stay Informed, Stay Involved!

For future hackathons, we would like to further progress this project by actually creating a GUI for users to interact with and to also widen its accessibility by making it more compatible with both IOS or Android devices.

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