As high school students, many of us have experienced the problem of managing assignments on various educational platforms such as Google Classroom, School Loop, Schoology, and Turnitin. With schools across the globe transitioning to remote learning, students have begun to use these technologies.

What it does

We built a demo chrome extension that ideally would parse the educational pages where assignments live and give you the possibility of adding the selected assignments to your account. The demo account page shows you all your assignments from the different platforms.

How we built it

Using javascript for the chrome extension and React for the website. We used Firebase to deploy it to the web.

Challenges we ran into

Mapping the domain to our custom We didn't have enough time to make a parser for each of the different pages that can extract each assignment information but we did identify the HTML responsible for that data.

The hardest to possibly parse would be GoogleClassrom because they hash their class names.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having fun. Experience using HTML and CSS. Building things. Building something we'd each personally use.

What we learned

What an API is. Projects like this take a lot of planning out what to do. There are several concepts that you can come up with and build a mockup of in 24hrs!

What's next for Stay in School Kids!

Building out parsers for different platforms, linking the extension with the website, adding a database to the website, adding manual add features.

Adding a logo and branding.

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