As logically and morally necessary as social distancing is, added incentives always make a difference. Stay Home rewards users for safe behavior, and provides a much needed positive focus in such a difficult time.

What it does

We reward players for staying home. Users set a home location with the tap of a button, and gain points for each clock tick that they do not leave a set radius. Earning points unlocks fun sprites and animations, and we're hoping to be able to allow players to redeem points for gift cards for food or other stay home necessities.

How we built it

Stay Home is an iOS game built using Swift, SwiftUI, Firebase, and most importantly, a whole lotta love. Location data is stored locally for sake of privacy, of course.

What's next for Stay Home

Groups! We are currently implementing features that allow users to team up and unlock rewards together. Social distancing physically does not have to mean social distancing virtually!

We're interested in letting our players unlock more tangible rewards with their points, like gift cards for food and other stay home necessities!

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