„Stay Home“ is an app that helps people to deal with the social distancing.


During quarantine, people feel isolated, bored and miss the social interactions. Livestreams are a great remedy but they are scattered across all the social media networks and channels. It is very hard to find the content you are interested in and creators you can relate to.


Our app „Stay Home“ provides a platform for livestreams of all kinds of topics, which are organized by existing content creators like musicians or event hosts. Additionally, it encourages direct interaction in times of social distancing by offering workshops and class formats. Our impact is to keep alive the cultural life we all love.

On one hand, artists, who were using offline channels before the crisis, get a simple to use platform, which enables them to reach their audience and to build a new, online revenue stream. On the other hand, consumers are getting enternmaint and the ability to learn new skills to avoid boredom at home and fight depression or anxiety. Furthermore, our app offers the ability to tip your favourite artists to help them during these difficult times.

We also built a kids‘ version, which not only provides protection for our young culure lovers, but also teaches them a healthy media consumption. We do this by providing the tool to deliver children‘s content age-appropriate and giving parents the ability to monitor their kids‘ activities.

After the crisis, „Stay Home“ will help to open culural life to parts of the society, which don‘t have access to it. People who are unable to phyically go to an event will be able to join virtually.

We already designed a fully functional Adobe XD prototype for the main app and the kids‘ version, which can be easily coded within a few days. Here you can find our prototype:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6tGs7zHenk&feature=youtu.be

The next step is the programming of the app and the server-side application. We need help with both, but especially with the server application because it is technically more complex and exceeds our skill set.

All illustrations are self-made and designed with a lot of love. Also, we have already secured all the rights to use the used graphics from external sources.

The idea can be implemented at scale quickly. On the consumer side, we deliver a big user base from the beginning by offering our app free of charge. Users only need a device with internet access. Additionally, we will do a market research campaign to identify local markets, which feature a high cultural affinity and strategically partner up with local artists from these areas. This offers the perfect compromise of marketing results and affordability because of the geographical limition. Once, we have steady activity in a local market, we start a PR campaign in the country of the local market informing about our successful launch.

We are:
Andreas Hirsch and Valerie Behmer both communication designer

The URL to the prototype pitchvideo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6tGs7zHenk&feature=youtu.be










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  • xd
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posted an update

I talked to some artists and they would love to participate. It would be fantastic if we could get enough money for someone who can program the app. I talked to some mothers, who are hopping to get the control feature.

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