We found a lot of people having difficulty in finding shops that offered home delivery, and in such a time when the whole country is in lockdown due to Covid19, people did not want to get out of their homes. Thus we ran into the idea of creating an app to list shops that offer home delivery.

Stay Home app is a one shot crowdsourced directory of shops that offer home delivery. The public or the shopkeepers can add shops into the app and it will be shown in the view section for public use.

Once the gap was identified and concept was locked, we started developing the app using php and MySQL languages. We wanted to bring the app to public use quickly, so we had to work during 3 continuous nights to get the app working. Bug testing and feedback from close people were also a part of the process as well.

The biggest challenge is to make this app reach to the common public. And the fact that Google Play Store takes 7 days to review the app due to the current Covid19 situation. So we had to share the app through sharing of just the apk file.

The biggest accomplishment was the turn around time itself. It took just 3 days from concept finalization to app submission to Google Play Store.

The app is currently available for the state of Kerala only, where the number of covid19 cases are rising exponentially. We plan to expand the app to rest of India as well. That will be our next step.

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