Staying at home can be challenging. Sadness, boredom or loneliness may overcome you or you might just feel overwhelmed by doing homeoffice while keeping your kids entertained. What if you had a tool, showing you just the right content to boost your mood?

What it does

Tell us your current mood and how much time you want to spend and we'll provide you the right content. The goal is, making you happy staying@home. People will ask you questions, provide inspirations and food for thought, propose challenges - and are curious about a picture as a reply. Leave a reaction by emoji so people see, how they improved your mood. If you need inspiration, let the others know by creating a post. No worries, it will all match your current mood, so you don't get sad content if you are already feeling lonely. We're curious seeing how you're experience your mood boost!

How we built it / Process

  • We startet with a brainstorming on a distributed whiteboard
  • We divided teams (Frontend / Backend / Other) and defined the APIs
  • We were constantly in a video call discussing tactics, problems, ideas or just chit-chat, also often shared our screen
  • We iteratively built the different features based on a prototype
  • We deployed the latest versions on Google Cloud
  • Done =)

Quotes while coding

  • "Hmmm... It's only possible to use the app with users without feelings. Otherwise it breaks."
  • "I tried to debug feelings. Doesn't work"
  • "Feelings are confusing..."
  • "We need an emotion to emotion transition matrix. Is there an emotion to emotion transition matrix engineer?"
  • "I got a HansNotFoundException?!"
  • "We have to fix the feelings."
  • "Where did the poop go?"
  • "The code can handle it... I hope you can too..."

Challenges we ran into

  • The moment we realised there was a clock change...

Try it out

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We have now a running back- and frontend as well as a working app. So the idea can boost your mood now. Yay! :D

What we learned

  • There are really cool emojis. Did you know there's a headscratching monkey?
  • Our setup worked really well and while constantly being in a video call we learned a lot of the others.

What's next for Stay HAPPY @ Home

Do you like our idea? Try out our app and leave a comment. We would be happy, boosting your mood.

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