We understand that refugee girls lack academic resources in their current homes. We want to bring these resources and helpful tools to them to encourage quality education. Our organization will bring classrooms to students in camps. These classrooms are within the walls of a 40' x 8' x 8' portable shipping container that includes its own solar panels for energy. These portable classrooms will contain items that provide modern classroom experience, such as, whiteboards, chairs and desks, pen, paper and 10" wireless tablets that has access to Facebook's WiFi. This classroom will allow teachers within camps or those from abroad teach these students. The tablets will provide engaging learning-activities that students can interact with for stimulating learning. Refugee girls and teachers may also use this technology to connect with other refugee students and volunteering mentors all around the globe for support and help throughout their education career. We have created a user-friendly web application that makes it all happen. We understand that putting people in a shipping container can be very inconvenient, and that the solar panels provided may not provide enough energy for our classrooms. However, we designed the classrooms to open up to receive enough air ventilation from outside. We also shrunk down the amount of electronic appliances we want to send to reduce the amount of energy required.

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