How does it work?

Our solution leverages your active community of Coke lovers. We incentives the user to use our mobile app to report on inventory. The user would use the app to take a picture of the cooler, report on a specific product, quantity in the cooler (none, little, some, lots, tons), and price paid. For every "report" the user is reward with points. The goal is to be recognized as an Ambassador. Our incentive idea feeds off of the second most powerful form of motivation, Recognition and Respect. Ambassadors would have the ability to help Coke role out new product in their markets, and attend Ambassador Parties held by the bottlers.

What does it measure?

What type of cooler (picture), quantity and price of a specific SKUs (i.e. I'm buying Sprite so I'll report the quantity), in real time. It also measures planogram compliance and purity.

Does the retailer/bottler/distributor have to do anything different to make your solution work? (if yes, please explain)


What materials does your solution require?


Best guess on cost to implement


Challenges you/your team ran into

How to make the app supper simple to reduce resistance. Which information to gather. How to get the customer to use the app.

What you/your team learned

That there is a lot of Coca-Cola products consumed everyday!! Sometimes the most obvious approach isn't the best solution.

Next steps

Finish building out the iOS version, build an Android version, release in App stores, and market to Coca-Cola fans.

Anything else you want to add

Our solution supports reporting for any type of cooler, including non Coke. Because the user is taking photos, we can integrate with existing technology that reads the images.

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